Service company
Specialized in the cultivation of
quarries and mines

Martinelli Cave

The Martinelli Antonio S.r.l. is a service company specialized in the cultivation of quarries and mines owned by third-party companies, recently transformed from a general partnership to a limited liability company, it originated from the individual company "Martinelli Geom. Antonio". In the first years of activity he worked mainly in the construction sector and was dedicated to the construction and demolition of industrial and civil buildings, as well as to the management of specific sectors related to the cement industry, moving in the national sector.
A decade after it was established, the partners decided to give the company a different mark, moving from the construction / artisan sector to the stone / industrial sector, the continuous investments and the high motivation of the members have allowed to improve techniques and methods of cultivation over time, which today guarantee a high degree of reliability, efficiency and operational autonomy. A company management with high quality standards has always been privileged, as evidenced by the obtainment of the Quality Certification on 24/06/2003, still in vogue. To date, in the spirit of the company is strongly rooted not only the interest in affirming the resources acquired in the reference market but also the willingness to develop new knowledge in order to enlarge its range of action beyond national borders, maintaining strict standards of personal and professional ethics.


January 1972: constitution of the individual firm "Martinelli Geom. Antonio "who carried out construction and quarrying
January 1983: constitution of the family business (members at 50% Martinelli Antonio and Sorosina Caterina)
September 1985: conferment of the family business in the collective company "Martinelli Antonio & C. Snc"
December 2002: acquisition of the company Molini Rovida F.lli Srl and related third parties for national and international road haulage
January 2018: transformation of the company into a collective name into a limited liability company "Martinelli Antonio Srl" and incorporation of the company A.M.P. Granulati Srl (quarry of Gandino)

Martinelli Antonio S.r.l.

Via S. Rocco, 31
24060 Tavernola Bergamasca (BG)
Telephone e fax: +39 035.931089

Quarry of Gandino

Unità locale esterna: località Tiro a Segno
24024 Gandino (BG)