Service company
Specialized in the cultivation of
quarries and mines


  • Whole cultivation of quarries and mines:
    • felling vegetation and uncovering virgin areas;
    • drilling of holes by means of drilling machines with operator on board (characterized by roto-percussion), possible inclinations sub-vertical and / or sub-horizontal, diameter between 48 and 152 millimeters and maximum optimal height between 15 and 20 meters;
    • loading holes using explosive materials belonging to the first second and third category of T.U.L.P.S. and blasting mines with personnel authorized to carry out the tasks called "Fochini";
    • demolition within the extraction sites of the fired material using earth moving machines;
    • loading the material on the quarry dump truck and transporting it to the loading hoppers of the treatment plants and / or the stoves of the cookers.
  • Management, surveillance and maintenance of specific plants for the processing of material from extractive sites (primary and secondary crushers, screens, conveyor belts, loading hoppers and similar).
  • Internal cleaning of cement plants such as ovens and grills, including the possibility of handling excessively compacted and contained raw materials in hoppers or plant parts.
  • Creation of internal road branches to the mining sites (shelter roads) or destined for public use
  • Execution of stoves, tunnels and excavations.
  • Transport of material by means of transport license for own account and for third parties.
  • Environmental recoveries: greening of quarry areas, construction of artificial basins or securing of mines.
  • Demolitions of civil and industrial buildings, including the use of expansive mortars.
  • Rehabilitation and consolidation of landslides with rock spinning.
  • Monitoring of vibrations and shock waves produced by mine blasting through seismographs.
  • Management of the bureaucratic process necessary for obtaining the necessary authorizations to purchase and use explosive material (Service Orders for the use of explosive materials, Provincial Certifications, permission to transport at the competent Police Headquarters).
  • Internal drafting of all the documentation required by current regulations for compliance with safety requirements in mining sites (DSS, coordinated DSS, operating complaints, keeping registers and similar).
  • Recruitment by staff within the company of the following positions: Site Manager of an extractive site; Responsible for the Prevention and Protection Service; Supervisor and Nominated.