Service company
Specialized in the cultivation of
quarries and mines

Martinelli Cave

The Martinelli Antonio S.r.l. is a family-run service company, specialized in the cultivation of quarries and mines with thirty years experience in the sector, registered in the National Register of natural and legal persons who carry out road haulage for third parties, includes a limestone quarry owned by located in the municipality of Gandino (BG), from which gray limestone is extracted (known as the "Zu"), a material mainly marketed locally in the form of sands and grits.

Quarry of Gandino

The Quarry located in Gandino (Bg) was incorporated into the Martinelli Antonio Srl in January 2018, with the aim of adapting the products of the quarry to the current market demands, the partners decided to bring important changes, at present this productive reality is still undergoing transformation and in the short term it will reach the final aspect as the intention of the members.
Strict standards
of personal and professional ethics

Martinelli Antonio S.r.l.

Via S. Rocco, 31
24060 Tavernola Bergamasca (BG)
Telephone and fax: +39 035.931089

Quarry of Gandino

Unità locale esterna: località Tiro a Segno
24024 Gandino (BG)